Thursday, July 30, 2009

They arent all photoshopped madonna

Madonna has stated that the images of her crazy arms are photoshopped. They arent ALL photoshoped bitch, we know your arms are intensely unappealing. But I have a feeling in like 3 years I'm gonna love your daughter cause I bet shes super fun and talented. Maybe thats why shes in the spotlight now. OMG thats why she had a baby. Ok now I'm being mean...whats new though right?

in other madge news:

its a bad day for leaking media.

Madonna's "Celebration" (you know you're old when you have a song called Celebrate AND Celebration. You could call it "Hoopla" or something?)

Anyway its another "i love dancing" gay club song. It's not hot.

Sorry. Her voice is so old she has to up the back tracks to hide that she can't sing. Even Cher has less busy backtracks.

Oh...and shes doing the thing only britney can really do, the mid track "what are you waiting for?" speech.

I guess long live the vampyre Madonna..

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