Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks Megan..I DID need to see it

Every time I see this pic, I wonder if he beat that fucking puppy after it was taken!!!!

Oh dear Ike! that was horrible. You couldn't have worked on that and memorized a section.

Or like...sung it?

Or done an interpretive dance to it?
To be honest he probably does feel pretty terrible. For himself. I in all honesty do not think he cares all that much that he hurt someone physically and probably scarred the shit out of her psychologically. Just that he got caught! That he let his thug out and people didn't like it cause he was too squeaky clean. Smackin bitches is only for the songs guys. Don't do it cause then we get spiffy chic hair cuts and castrate your career. Right?!

PS I asked the lovely Megan W. if it was any better than MJ's

it wasnt. MJ beat you again Brown! How's it feel to be a loser!!!!


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