Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank U!

Ya know Jen-An was one of my favorite Friends. She's beautiful and has a really interesting acting style. Which is why I've never understood how after CHEATING ON HIS WIFE, Brad Pitt became america's favorite, with Jen-An fighting off "I'm so lonely without Bradly" rumors for almost a decade.

Obviously since she'd been hooking up with some of the celebworlds finest she's O.V.E.R Brad and his K-mart version of Morticia Adams! I have been a Team Aniston member from the start and it pains me that more people in the industry don't set the record straight about how great she is. Maybe its the whole nose job thing...?

"I dont get the press's perception of her as a desperate woman. Shes been with every hot guy from Brad Pitt to John Mayer. She's not tragic, She's amazing."

- Kathy Griffin on Jennifer Aniston, to People magazine

Thank you Kathy G.


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