Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taylor Momsen needs some vaseline

Because she really needs to take off some of that eyeliner (and would a smile besides the cheesy 13 year old one kill you?).

I mean REALLY. I guess girls will always think this look is hot but when you have over an inch of raccoon eye underneath your actual eye...its time to calm the fuck down with the wet n' wild stick!

Back away from the black creme eye shadow Taylor.

I didnt even really wear make up consistently till I was 17! oh wait thats cause I was lazy..nm

oh PS she's 16. And not a full 16, I mean she was 15 up until like this month. I'll give her a break cause of that but lets remember she is 16 guys...whatev that doesnt stop you and you know it you pervs..


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