Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ok I see a trend

Does Katie Holmes want to be Nicole Kidman REALLY bad? We all know she dreamed of marry Tom Cruise when she was growing up....and then did...

But maybe there was a little "oh and by the way I'm gonna be Baz L's bitch after that".

Watching this is like watching Britney Spears' performance in like 2008. Lots of "oh well that could have been good".

She's got a great body but that song calls for something more!! The original from Judy Garland's "Summer Stock" is much better and Judy was only about a year or so younger than Katie during it!

It's like Katie recorded this to send to Baz going "ok so I know I can't sing...but neither can Nicole. And she didnt do much dancing in Moulin Rouge so how about this. Moulin Rouge 2: Satines Return. I dye my hair red and we've got a movie bigger than the first!

or maybe I should marry older and do Chicago 2... Is there another available Douglas?"


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