Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I will NOT put the elephant video up. disgusting

I have never been to the Circus and don't plan on ever going. Even as a young child I knew the horrible underbelly of the circus. Basically its a whole long story about how I don't believe animals are for entertainment. The only animal attractions I can do would be a fair petting zoo. And even that's cruel cause its still hot as hell here during the state fair!

Anyway new footage has leaked of jerkward "handlers" beating the famous B&Bailey elephants before show time. I will not post the video simply because I couldn't get through it myself. Elephants are long loved and respected in my family for being such beautiful creatures.

My only question is, why didnt those elephants knock some sense into the guy!! Notice how I don't say man. No man would beat a domesticated wild animal. Most wouldn't even dare!

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