Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I still may name my daughter Kelly

I was such a huge Saved by the bell fan as a small child. I have no idea why I was even watching the show, but something about it caught my eye. Thats why I've seen every episode including the legendary "Good Morning Miss Bliss" season haha

Jimmy Fallon in an effort to boost ratings and also connect with his fan base, is working steadily on getting the entire cast back together for a reunion. I don't really know why but it would be AWESOME. Unforch Tiffani doesn't seem all that interested. Or maybe shes just milking this for all its worth cause I havent seen this beautiful creature of a woman since Two Guys and a Girl like 50 years ago....

YES! SHE'S STILL PRETTY!!!! I swear I had a barbie that was only to be played with as Kelly Kapowski. When I grew up a little bit the doll naturally became Valerie "I fucked everyone in the zip and I'm still feelin good about myself" Malone on 90210.
I'm starting to learn about myself as a person from the tv shows I watched back then....uh oh

anyway I hope she does it. She has a lot of humanitarian efforts to focus on...but I'm sure it wouldn't take that much of her time. Even Zack Attack is back jack!


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