Friday, July 3, 2009

I knew he was Dad material in 1993

No really...I used to wish to be part of that family so he could maybe take me under his wing....not in the bedroom cause even in 1993 I knew I should probably just steer clear...just in case ya know!

*Can I just say that I love when celebrity homes are just like regular peoples that makes him so much more awesome in my eyes.

Absolutely heart warming. Some will say that its going against his wishes to show his kids free of masks and scarfs. But I think once a celebrity is dead and gone...the extreme measures they went to for privacy die right a long with them. There is no need at all to cover their BEAUTIFUL faces anymore. We all know they weren't his biological children, but I also think we all know that they were loved more than life itself. Something all children need to feel 100% of the time. What is the differences between adopting and never letting the child know, and what he did? If anything the secret identity of the kids real father is like finding Al Capone! He's probably in some speed bump in jersey...

Those kids will probably be the most well adjusted of all the celeb kids. just watch!!!!


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