Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I just liked the girl!

The song is good, but the notes used to compose the chorus is very addicting! Sung by Erika Shivon, Twista's "Wetter" is a pretty intense one. Lots of NSFW lyrics if you can catch them as he spits a mile a minute.

Twista- Wetter (Version 2)

Anyway I googled away and have listened to a few of Erikas solo ventures.....

unforch the only thing I could find that truly showcases her vocals some more is a cover of Kenya's "Amazing"...and lets say its amazing. The producer hyping her up to be the next Tina Turner is a little much but i guess any promo is good promo

che che check it out on her myspace!

PS Isn't it weird how she sounds really thin, and in the video they only show you like...1/4 of her body.... but this bitch is curvy! She's like an amazon dude! woah!


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