Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drake's new video for Best I Ever Had isn't the Best I've Ever Seen

First he gets his record deal this week which is around 3 million fucking dollars worth! Now his video for his extremely popular Best I Ever Had drops....

and it fucking sucks too!!!! Whats with the slow mo videos today? first britney and now drakey poo...

Still I'm so glad he's getting recognition but....I dont want people to forget about Kid Cudi another up and coming duder who has been on the fast track to fame lately. Drake, share that fucking spotlight kid! You are both Kenya West's children, so suckle at his african teets fairly.

I advise everyone to buy D-Dubs album when it comes out. His mix tapes have been on repeat. Those that are a little research maybe? Don't depend on itunes all the time, yeah?


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