Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I mean thats all I really have to say right?

Never was I a beyonce fan. Destiny's Child was hot for a second then I just couldn't stand their outfits and stopped caring. Beyonce goes and does her solo thing and I went "thats kinda fucked up, what happened to the other girls...".

But now she has arrived. Her songs are no longer young. She is indeed a WOMAN! Her new album is just hit after hit, I'm convinced. Her videos are just so damn amazing at this point I don't know why anyone wouldn't just love her because of the emotion she brings to each one. And can we talk about how good she looks now that she isn't starving herself? Thanks 'being married for a year' faerie!

Plus she's married to Jay Z who I'm pretty sure could think my panties off from across the ocean...


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dani said...

Hell yea to that Jay-Z statement!

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