Thursday, July 23, 2009

Always a fan

I always have to sing the praises of Dirt Nasty when a new song comes out. New to his playlist: "1969" You should all know by now who this is. If you don't and you're under 25 years're living under a rock.

Dirty Nasty is of course the stage name of actor/rapper Simon Rex. At one point Simon was actually pretty well known as an MTV VJ but unforch Simon did some porn before that gig and he got fired. He then got a deal with WB...only they saw the porn too. Shit son!

Anyway he started doing Scary Movie movies and got some exposure (the good kind) with that and found a love for rap.

Now as Dirt Nasty he's one hot mofo! I simply love the guy and am thrilled he has an extended stay at Martini Ranch in scottsdale. Even more of an opp for me to meet the hotness. I've had a dream, I know it'll be awesome.


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