Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sorry Drake...just flipped your part!

Every Girl (Explicit)

©I be bouncin up and down
Tryna fit that dick in
Took a half an hour
Just to get it hard an' thickn'n
Thong gone, bra still on, kid get that shit unfastened
Every single night I have a dream that I am ridin''
Them all
Young Money man yo shit so timeless
And I'm in the mood to get faded so I'll bring my finest
Cuz I sho aint bout to trust you with that swaggy wack iiiiish
If any a y'all under 8 you best fo sho be honest

He wants me He wants me
Cause I got it all nucka tell me what you don't see
I will fuck with all y'all
If all of y'all are packin full
I just can't pick one so you can never say I'm a choosy ho
And Wayne say pussy pussy pussy
Well only deep and hard seems to satisfy us all
And every time I think of staying wit him
Dat shit be over quick and make a nigga reconsider her man

© Joce T aka The Dahlia Post

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