Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wait WHAT?!

Michael Jackson..the most amazing dude EVER has died?!?!

I went on a interview and cleaned my bathroom and this shit occurs? I think its the end of the world guys...this is it.

I have a feeling that this is some how the next "is he really dead" for our culture. Everyone knows if Elvis wasn't dead then...he certainly would be now. Now we have to wonder if he has faked his death to get out of the spot light once and for all and escape to an island like Dr. Moreau. Or he's died and gone to heavenly Dr. Moreau scenario and as his soul floated up he could hear "Ben" wait thats the way I wanna go out.

I always had a soft spot for MJ. His troubled life was the obvious cause of his downfall and not one person would help him. He was without a doubt a lost little boy for his entire 50 years. I hope he is at rest and finally free from his money hungry family's grip. They literally tapped him of his talent and left the remains for the media to pick at.

But wow. Dude of the Week (the last for a while..details later) goes to MJ.



Dani said...

I cried.

jennifer smith-nakata said...

I used to kiss my michael jackson poster. yellow outfit, after the first nose job.

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