Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Perez won't shut up

I still have little sympathy for the man. And I hate violence! I think people should never hit...but if ever there was someone to be HAS TO BE PEREZ HILTON!

Think about the years of horrible insults slung upon real people...that's enough karma to do more damage than Black Eyed Peas' manager!

Anyway the blogger is now taking the band and management to court over the incident. He has also decided we should all forget that he called Will.I.Am a fucking faggot...cause ya know, he's gay so he can call people faggot and not get in trouble. But I'm sure if asked he'd say that not even blacks should say nigger because its hateful.

Is Perez Cookie starting to crumble into a pile of hypocrisy?

And on that note...when will people learn to stop calling black men faggot? I haven't a clue why the word riles them up so much so don't ask....but just stop doing it!!!!


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