Monday, June 22, 2009

Perez doesn't need you. But I do!

Perez got jumped by Black Eyed Peas and he has now taken to his cam to defend himself. Though he just comes off looking like a bitch.

1) how many name drops can one handle

2) HE DIDNT ASK TO BE FAMOUS? yeah right. well I'm asking. Make me famous. I can take it better and deeper than Perez...

3) See what happens when you use your international voice for evil?

Perez's Statement

Like give me a break! You bully celebrities all day long, and when they come back at you, you cant take it? That was niggas bein niggas dude! YOU, PEREZ, EXPERIENCED A NIGGA MOMENT.

Be happy you fucking survived cause it was just the muthafuckin Black Eyed Peas.

Perez you are powerful....but you need to realize you have a lot of people to thank for your celebrity. Black Eyed Peas are an aging group trying to keep their star lit. It doesnt help when all you do is pick on every member for their short comings physically and professionally. I mean when is the last time this queen has said something nice about Pee My Pants Fergie??????


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Helllz yeah!

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