Sunday, June 28, 2009

MJ's Kids: Who wants em?

We all know they arent his natural children. They are silky haired and pale and its just a big ole "duh". The problem is that I don't think anyone CAPABLE OF RAISING MENTALLY HEALTHY CHILDREN, WANTS THEM!!! These kids will not be better off with grandparents that are probably almost 70...all the brothers and sisters have their own liters of children by now...

Wouldnt it be crazy if Janet (who cannot have children anymore, I'm sure) had the kids. Like a final gift to his little sis. I bet Jurmaine 3ft-pree would be so happy. He seems the type that wants a family lol

According the the mother of Prince and Paris( blanket had an annon mother) she doesnt want them. That makes total sense considering she was a surrogate (I hope perez understands this since he thinks it unnatural for a mother to not want the babies she essentially incubated). I dont think anyone should force these kids to live with her. I dont think they should be forced to do anything because arent they close to tweenage? Can they even talk..?hahah I've always wondered what kind of relationship they had with him. Was it really a father child relationship or more just "this is the grown up who's about as mentally functional as us....hes fun!"

I still say Macaulay Culkin needs to step up and take his god-kids. I bet Mila Kunis would be pleased...

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