Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lil odd


All the late night kings are swappin it up...and Letterman decides to make a joke about the Devil herself, Sarah Palin. A sure fire way to get your name in the papers right a long side Conan and Jay.

David you're too old for this!

Now. I dont think about Alaska very much so whatever we were doing before we need to do again. I had no clue about Sarah Palin when she kept her ass in her own damn state and only made local calls. I bet everyone in her contacts wishes her phone would fucking break. what a loser she is! These jokes are not bad, bitch. They are jokes everyone has said about your stupid abstinence only taught children. No wonder one had a baby, apparently you think those classes work! now go status update about the current status of our economy and what you plan to do for your state instead of what a late night host said about your frisky daughter.

she calls everyone she can to make statements no one cares about. YOU ARE A POLITICIAN NOT A CELEBRITY SARAH!

Be real.

PS I swear if David L gets in trouble for his jokes...I have to move out of this country lol


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