Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I like the song...

Other bloggers are saying they aren't enjoying Mariah C's new single about Eminem, "Obsessed". All I have to say is..this lady has been famous forever so she can do any kind of song she damn well likes at this point. I enjoy that it isn't some kind of popper infused dance club hit. Theres only so much I can listen to of pre-fab club "dj remix" inspired top 40!!!! There I said it!

Well I like it! (can't wait for the probably hilar video of MC as EM!!!!!)

It's such a good dis song from a FEMALE. We never do good shout out dissin songs!! It's always about love and relationships...never the complete annihilation of a rumor spreading fiend's bullshit lies!

During this part of summer when those first flings are fluttering out, this song is the anthem to any woman who's over it now. Or taken as a literal interpretation, its for any woman Eminem has lied and said he's "sexed". Which is like.....a lot....lets face it he's kind of a loser with a fucked up face now!


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