Wednesday, June 17, 2009

how'd she fall asleep?

when her fucking face was being stabbed by a needle?

no really.

How does someone claim they were asleep during a facial tattoo. i have two regular inks myself and would never be able to fall asleep. Pass out is more like it you dumb dumb!

We all know you either passed out drunk or high or the story is correct that your father flipped out and you lied to cover your ass.

There is no way in hell this girl got 50 something stars all over her face and was sound asleep for how ever many HOURS it took to complete!

I call bullshit for sure!

PS don't get stars cause its way out of date! obviously since they are all the rage in Belgium now...

oh and this is the tat artist. he seems honest for realzies

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Chester Escalante said...

There is nothing right about the way either of them look. This is a tragedy.

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