Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hottie Sam Rockwell's new film Moon looks amazing! Shout out to Isaiah for FBing! haha totes means facebookin yaaaall

Anyway the story is great. Not all together original because the basics of a guy going mad in outer space was done in the fantastic 70's flick Silent Running. Only he's trying to save he's trying to save himself instead of plants!

I'm glad Sam is getting into less commercial roles that have a bit more story and a lot less HIstory...ya dig? It always seems like he's playing some real person lol

Anyway defo a check out!



j3nnnnnn said...

LOVE Sam Rockwell! I just licked my screen cuz of the pic you posted :)

The Dahlia said...

woah I hope it wasn't dusty! my screen is always dusty haha

and my bad on the obvious "slow computer typo". a cupcake for anyone who can find it

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