Monday, June 1, 2009

billy bobs baby..shouldnt babysit

Sooooo billy bob's daughter was babysitting a 1 year old and unfortunately the child died from a brain hemorrhaged caused by a fall. The baby fell from its play pin (why was it playing on the play pin PAID BABYSITTER?? lol) and hit its head. The woman did not think the baby was injured and put her down for a nap later on, where the baby died.

here is what Perez has to say which shows hes never cared for a child before

Melissa Gatlin doesn't believe her daughter should be charged with child neglect because there was no way she could have known the child was injured.

Gatlin compared the tragic incident to the late Natasha Richardson's skiing accident earlier this year, explaining, "When you have a situation that does not indicate distress… There are no signs of distress, then there is no reason to immediately call police."

Here's the major difference: Richardson refused medical treatment, which a one-year-old doesn't have the capability of doing.

It was Thornton's daughter's responsibility - as the babysitter - for the child's well being!

Babies fall all the fucking time. If you are the person always going to the ER for falls and bumps, you are told you may have MSBP. If you dont, you're negligent. The end fact is that sometimes people get hurt way worse than it looks. The daughter (amanda) is not to blame 100% because she doesnt have x-ray vision! She should NEVER be allowed to babysit again but I doubt she was first aid trained, hell trained at all! if she was, that paints a different picture fer shurrrr..

Which is the parents fault for not getting someone who knows babies....what you do to save a few bucks eh?

If it were my job I for sure would've called the parents right after seeing blood, even from the tongue. If they wanted baby to be taken to the doctor, BAM done. If they said they were coming home, FINE early night for me. Even just giving the reg. doctor a ring a ding would have been fine. But not many babysitters do this!!! because babysitters are not nannies!!! they are basically people to make sure the house doesnt burn down and the kid doesn't find its way into some crack...


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