Friday, June 5, 2009

10 YEARS AGO? Jeez I saw the first one in theater

*Such a 90's poster! with the main person in front and then an outward triangle of supporting cast. All fierce as fuck.
The Final Destination trailer in HD

Ok..I loved Final Destination. The second wasn't half bad. Never even attempted to watch the 3rd. Now this one..

I think its obvious from the first one that you cannot stop "death" in this movie...unless you intend on being committed like a young Ali Larter was. These films have had some of the most interesting death scenes EVER! I mean the death in the bathtub was fantastic, as was the highway scene in the second film.

But here's where I'm not feeling this one...the initial accidents themselves are never shown to be "death" working its magic. They are just accidents. "Death" begins to be a catalyst after the kids are told about the premonition and cheat their deaths. Thats when invisible "Death" comes and starts undoing screws and making accidents happen.

Plus everything seems to be "something flew in her face" style which I guess is because its 3D...

I wont be shelling out an extra 4 bucks to see it in 3D! To be honest I probs wont even see this film for another 5 years. Just being honest!


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