Friday, May 1, 2009

This has got me a little peeved

As a nerd, I have a major issue with all of the "spock hands" I keep seeing at the premieres of the new Star Trek movie. 2 examples:

I really want to know if these jokers have SEEN an episode of any of the fantastic reinventions of the show!!! not cool.
I am for sure seeing this because the shows are very much a part of my childhood, staying up way past bed time to watch the original series airings before the channels would go static. This was before Paid Programing was the late night way of things on every single channel.

PS It's still unfair what they did to Bill Shattner. He MADE Captain Kirk and to completely leave him out of this film is a slap in the face to a timeless actor. If Leonard can have a role as an old Spock....there could be something for him in this film. Even a voice over!!!

PSx2 who else is really happy Winnona Ryder is in this movie? lol

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