Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prop 8

*awww yeah

Lots of bla bla bla about prop 8 this week. Here is why I care...but not enough to be a douche bag: none of my gays care about prop 8! They really just dont. They think its unfair but they also think its unfair that just because they are gay, they are expected to be part of this movement!

-NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO GET MARRIED. i think its fantastic that gays can't marry...that means they can't get divorced like everyone in this country does. Before trying to "save" marriage from the gays, save it from yourselves! I give most new marriages a 3-5 year life span. If they make it past and are HAPPY, then they are a miracle we see shining in the year 2030 as "true love".

Anyway my real reason for writing this?

-The Obama backlash. All the pro8 gays are turning their backs are Barack because he wont speak on the matter. Here is why, you self involved bitches: He is the first black president. He has only been president for 3 MONTHS! He is still having his and the lives of his family threatened (more so than if it were just a regular white dude) and he simply cannot risk being so fundamentally extreme in his 3RD MONTH IN OFFICE. He's got like 4 years guys! It shows once again that we are a people of instant gratification.

Changes cannot simply happen over night, as we've seen with our crumbling economy. First you want him to make it so you make more money. Down with The Riches! but before he's done with that, we want him to work on education cause we've noticed the growing number of stupid kids...down with stupid? oh but really Mr. Barack needs to show his support for same sex marriage and really make sure the entire country hates him.

Aren't Presidents supposed to stay impartial to this kind of country wide bickering? Just because the gays and all their fag hags say the President needs to speak out....that doesn't mean he's on your side!!!!! Lets just remember that Perez!! He may not like the idea of same sex marriages at all. He may not give a rats ass just like a large portion of the world.

*ps Aren't gays looking for equality? so why can't equality include those who's just don't care about this prop8 mumbo jumbo? are we not equal to them? Why Obama is a fraud? Because he didn't promise jack shit to the Gays ...*
UPDATE after writing that: "'One of them said, 'Obama keep your promise,’ ' the president said. 'I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about.' -Obama speaking at the DNC fundraiser this week. HA!

ALSO AMERICA! He's not like...God of the US lol More like the manager who gets to listening to you guys complain about shitty service all day.

-Until marriage is decided to be 100% a church matter or 100% a lawful institution, and not split in a weird 30/70....nothing is ever going to be changed for the good. Plain and simple.

Paper doesn't = love. Plus once I get sick of him, I don't want to go through a bunch of paperwork. Keep your receipts for easy breakups!


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