Sunday, May 17, 2009

The plot thickens!

Apparently some birds are chirping about Katie and Peters crumbling relationship. I have check in on Katie and she HAS NOT made a public comment on the matter of her marriage, so I will take everything with a grain of salt. She will..because thats what she does...but until then! haha

According to sources Perez Hilton has (eeep) the couple haven't had much sex in the past 2 years. I call bullshit just because the sexual chemistry between these two is palpable even when just watching them on tv across the pond! If it is true...thats really upsetting!

Not cause to divorce though. I hope that they reconcile. Their children need both of them so much! especially young Harvey, Katies special needs child she had from a previous relationship. The fact that Harvey knows Peter as his only father and that they have such a strong father/son bond....breaks my heart to think about its end!

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