Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Late Dude of the Week buuuuuuuddy

Pauly Shore!

So I totes forgot to do Dude of the Week with being hired for 2 jobs and ya know...having a summer. But let me tell ya that I always make time to enjoy some of my favorite Dude!

Pauly has been on the television recently thanks to CMT airing some of the palatial favs such as Son in Law, Encino Man, In The Army Now and even Jury Dooty....! Yes we can all agree the movie sucked but its still LOL worthy in some parts!!

This guy has been a fantastic sport realizing that his once novelty career has ended...but that doesnt mean he can't just make a new one! Stand up has been his focus but he's also been releasing some very funny films like "Pauly Shore is Dead" "Adopted"

and most recently Natural Born Komics. I suggest checking out his myspace for all the up to date info!

Now I'm gonna chill in the a/c and munch on some griiiiindaaaage buuuuuddy.

PS he's totally still hot...something about a guy who's all dude but still can wear a this..ow ow owwwww


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