Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LaLa Vasquez and Trina escorted from b-ball game

LaLa, a VJ on Mtv and now the host of Charm School specials on VH1 was ejected from a Nuggets game her FIANCE
was playing in this past week. LaLa claims that the women behind her (dallas fans) began making racial and violent remarks regarding the players, her and even her son! apparently baddest bitch Trina was attending the game with her while she is not taped leaving with LaLa.

I commend this girl for keeping the cool that she had left. I have been chucked some pretty racist remarks in my life. Usually from old Depends wearers like this! Living in a very rich, white part of The Valley calls for a lot of ignorance. And white people ALWAYS get more upset once you lose your cool!

I'm sorry but don't call me
A nigger
A black nigger
A jungle bunny
Pickaninny mau mau

Uncle Tom
Aunt Jemima
Little Black Sambo

Cotton pickin'
Swamp guinea
Junk man
Shoeshine girl

Elevator operator
Table cleaner at Horn & Hardart
Slave voodoo
Ubangi lipped

Flat nose
Tap dancin'
Resident of Harlem

and expect a docile response! This aint Roots and I ain't Toby


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Benjamin Adams said...

FFS you assholes, it's 2009 and we got a brand new funky president. It is time for this shit to be OVER.

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