Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kate and Pete say it aint so!

As you well may have heard, my favorite brit couple Katie Price and Peter Andre have officially separated and are on their way to the big D. I cannot express how sad this makes me!!! I have loved their show since series 1, and have always counted them among the best celebrity couples.
Katie apparently did not see the separation coming and does not want a divorce. Pete on the other hand has had just about enough of Kates Page Six antics.


Pete says that he doesnt trust a sloshed katie to stay faithful. They had a very heated argument on one of their past series over the same issue. Hopefully this is just a ploy to get Kate to settle down. Hopefully not too much since she is only 31 (this 22nd! of all times to be dumped. I feel your pain, literally!). While it is true she is the mother of 3, that doesn't mean the girl can't have some fun!



Anna Chenoweth said...

she is so gross

The Dahlia said...

she is not! if you've ever seen the show, without make up in her every day wear, she's so gorgeous! Glam girls over there are just made up too much!

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