Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I commend Shanna

Shanna Moakler Barker has resigned as Miss California Pageant Director this week as she feels the organization do not mesh with her own beliefs. This comes a day or so after Miss California Dumbfuck 2009 was allowed to KEEP HER TITLE even after spreading anti-gay propaganda and even after semi-nude photos of a titled Miss California surfaced on the web (if we all remember back in the day when Miss Nevada was stripped of her title after photos of a then 19 year old MN surfaced...its obviously not fair).

Shanna has always been strong in her beliefs and commend this woman for stepping down from office even though she LOVES pageantry.

It's a sad sad time in that world, and I hope that fairness prevails. Miss California should not keep her title simply because she is a hate monger and an IDIOT!


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