Sunday, May 3, 2009

I actually dont even know who this is

Eminem? Slim Shady? a new creation? Whatever his name is, released the new video for "3am" another fictional narrative from our Marshal.

Perez thinks the video looks like a "cheap horror movie"...which is the fuckin point you brainless twat! I think its a fine video. Very well done. Doesn't make a lick of sense but very well done.

My only problem is this ridiculous new accent he has. Why can't he just sound like he did before? Dr. Dre has also adopted this accent for some lame reason. While listening to Timbalands "Bounce" I could not understand what had happened to my beloved Dre!

Fake accents are never attractive especially when it sounds like these two dudes were hoping what they were doing sounded Jamaican. You know...EXTRA BLACK.

*never mind the video. This track never got an official vid. Out of all the fan mades...this is the one I can tolerate. Thats not saying much...

But still....the song is pretty cool once you figure out what he's saying. Very much like "stan"....

PS...Eminem is totes trying to show off that he isn't K-Fed Fat anymore. This is almost as bad as Kathy Griffins Bikini Tour! its still a feast for the eyes though. He should just not wear shirts anymore...


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