Monday, May 4, 2009

Employees Fired for Myspace Venting

2 Houston's employees in New Jersey were fired from their jobs after managers stumbled upon their private, password only discussion forum on Myspace. The employees are now suing the restaurant.

GOOD. There is no reason why they should be fired, FIRED for talking shit. They made it private. They gave it a password only option. Employers should never be allowed to fire someone (especially in this harsh financial climate) simply for venting about work. Whats next? water cooler talk being monitored with cameras? Cell phone taps to make sure no one talks about their dickwad bosses?

I was aware that employers could do this. But it still doesn't make it right. I think legislation needs to work their butts off to make sure that our 1st amendment rights carry over 100% into cyberspace.

If the KKK can have discussion forum...why can't Houston's employees bitch about their horrible bosses?

**I must say though that Houston's response to the lawsuit is interesting. If these employees were indeed sharing confidential information, that is grounds for termination since it says you can't do that on every contract I've ever signed for employment. But still.....myspace?

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Anna Chenoweth said...

Dude! Toys R us totally has a blogging policy and they can fire you for talking shit on websites too! It's so funny haha

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