Monday, May 4, 2009

Coffee for Kids

An 8 year old unaccompanied minor (who was given cold medicine before boarding) complained of sleepiness to a flight attendant and was given a VENTI coffee with cream and sugar on a flight to Seattle and the parents are rightfully upset. As the recipient of a sister 8 years ago, I'd be shocked if anyone gave her anything having to do with coffee. Not only do I still hold on to the 'coffee stunts your growth' hammered into my head by ritual viewings of "Clueless"....but its fuckin coffee!

The girl ended up vomiting twice and was jittery and ill when she arrived at her destination.

While the attendant should have to wear a button that says "I'm retarded, ask me how" I don't think the parents should really get anything. You could tell by the interview that they kind of wanted free somethings!

The last quote saying that the girl was too scared to fly again is just utter bullshit. If anything she'll just never enjoy a cup of joe again.


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