Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well thats just sad

I ask people all the time if they remember a tv show called Unhappily Ever After. It was the same as Married with Children only for some reason instead of a dog who's thoughts were audible..there was a talking bunny voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait....

Anyway while I was scrolling through Balding Out, I recognized a familiar face next to the very balding Jay Mohr! His wife (didn't even know they were married) Nikki Cox who just so happened to be the hot kelly bundy inspired daughter on Unhappily!

Lets just get it out of the way now, her ring is magnificent!

Now on to the mean stuff

1) I'm hoping she's just allergic to her lip gloss but I doubt it.
2) if your pants aren't long enough to tuck into your way out of date Uggs...toss em
I mean I know there was some wonder in that bra but you had big kahunas at one point. Whether they were real or not they looked a lot better than the concave mess you've got now. There are certain people who just should not be flat chested and you Ms. Cox are one of them.

Pawn the ring and get your chest back honey...maybe they can fill you in with whatever the fuck they're pumping into your face.


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Suzy Lippmann said...

i totally remember this show. they hung out in the basement huh? she looks like crack whore now.

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