Saturday, April 4, 2009

This week has made me feel old

Has any one else started to notice more and more celebrities from around 10-15 years ago are popping up in Lifetime movies??

Brittany Murphy, Ivan Sergei, Jerry O'Connell... both those guys were hot and that girl was in a lot of movies in the 90's !

Then my youthful younger sister decided date me even more by asking me what "The Mask" was. When I tried to explain, I felt like an idiot.

anyway then I found pictures of all of the above mentioned people in artwork for their lifetime movies and everything was ok again!
why do they all look so uncomfortable? heehhehehehehehe


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dani said...

jason lewis looks like he is pooping
Ivan sergei's head was shopped onto that body
Jerry o'connell is NOT that young is he?

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