Friday, April 24, 2009

Soulja Boy tell 'em

Soulja Boy. The kid who quite possibly is the most hated pop star in the music biz right now. Hip hop legends blame HIM for the downfall of the genre.

Heres my take: This kid is a self made man. At 18, he has more money than I'll probably ever have and he did it all himself.

He's not "hip hop" hes really not even a rapper. He's just a kid who realized if he simply says the same verse over and over....people are gonna like it cause its easy for them to sing too!

Soulja Boy tell ME how to be you. (and yes I love this song)



Anonymous said...

i heard he's such a douche of my friends said they took the same flight as him...not only did he make his entire entourage (including his body guard) sit in coach while he sat in first class, but he also made the hugest scene, bossing all his people around and being an ass....i don't blame him for getting his money but with his lack of talent, he shouldn't be walking around like he's the shit

The Dahlia said...

I'd probably do the same thing though. just because I'M famous, doesn't mean everyone I know gets the perks! and I'm sure the staff on the plane were treating him like an obnoxious brat if he was dressed the way he dresses. I've seen people treat the sweetest people like garbage because they got dem stunna shades on and some D cuts in each ear!


Anonymous said...

You really want to know why people are hating on him... I was kinda annoyed buy his first hit song crank that, let be honest it does better on youtube than the radio. But being an old school hip hop head and being down with the "One Love" I decided to give him a chance and drove 2 hrs to see him perfom and HE DOEsNT EVEN RAP! he doesnt even Dance! Seriously his show he had 2 hype boys bouncing around on stage with him ....and they just played the record while he flashed on stage and when he did speak his mic as turned wayyyy down. EVERYONE knew, the sad part nowdays is that some people are to stupid to know whats up with that....and the generation that listens to his music know too little about hip hop and they think thats the way a show should go or dont know any better. It made me wanna go see a NAS show to be honest.

During his 2 hit songs "Crank That" and "Kiss me thru the phone the mic was nowhere near his mouth!! I kid you not! Then I went on his SoulJaBoy TV or whatever and saw footage of that show the footage was soo bad and they had his "cd" cranked sooooo loud while he was bouncing around on stage, the video was sooo sloppy no one could tell that he wasnt really rapping.

That was a sold out crowd and if he wasnt going to rock it he should have at least pretend to. I also met the kid in passing. Of course he has an ego... hes loaded, young and hes a Leo if you know anything about astrology.

Hes the poster boy for mainstream music and with "Bird walk" a dance for the ATL Falcons Football team, and his clothing line, they have got him sooo cemented up in there that it doesnt even matter what he does says or how he acts. He makes $20,000 a show for just showing up. Its sick.

When I met him he seemed kinda disheartened like he was sick of being shuffled around but whatever, make your bed and lay in it. His is apparently padded with 100$ bills.

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