Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slim Shady not Eminem

As a youth I was extremely fanatic about Marshal. I thought he was cute enough to crush on, genius enough to sing to, and an all around nut to follow in the tabs.

Well..in 10 years he's gotten really fat, lost all the weight and now he's back looking POUTIER and older...but um...its not HIM! A main difference between eminem and his alternate persona slim shady, is that slim says horrible things about anyone who crosses his path. That's when you know is a SS and not an MM. an MM is going to be filled with personal references etc.

so here is who I believe to be slim shady's new single. The video is kind of lame to be honest. he's done the joke thing to the grave. It is cool to see him dancing around like an idiot though! The song itself will need to be listened to in MP3 format since I can never understand lyrics in videos. Video editors of the world, can you fix this problem?


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