Sunday, April 19, 2009

She DIDN'T win right? oh ok good

I never watch Miss America because its become one of the most annoying contests ever. The history of Miss America is much more interesting, and really the contests should've ended in the 70's.

Anyway I just saw this

here's my two cents: stay out of other peoples business. I myself don't believe in legal marriage at all. I'm frugal and private and don't want to go buy a piece of paper that I can't just tear up when I'm sick of my dude. But Miss USA's SHOULDN'T HAVE OPINIONS. If anything they shouldn't even talk because we all know why they are chosen...

Her answer was terrible and quite possibly cost her the crown. To say that in "my" country this and "I was raised" that...not answering the question at all. No body asked how YOU feel about gay marriage sweetie. The question was should other states follow Vermont's lead. plain and simple. just say "I believe (not I think, cause no one cares what you think) that each state should fairly and ethically decided for themselves whether to offer same sex marriage, but that all states should acknowledge them as legal regardless."

I for one would hate it if I was legally married in one state and wasn't in the next state over.

Also, Miss California is ugly and looks like a drag queen. I want a REAL Miss USA that's a fat fag hag and poor like me.


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