Thursday, April 23, 2009

(Not even close to a) Dude of the Week

In accordance with her Circus coming to my town this evening (I'm ignoring that it is still not friday)....

Ms. Britney Spears.
Yes yes yall, I will be experiencing the wonder that is BS (along with some after parties if all goes well)! I hope to jeebus that something hilarious happens, and will hopefully be sharing with you some fantastic stories this coming Saturday.

Britney has had a roller coaster ride of a life. We've seen her bald both up and downstairs, we seen her crash cars, sob on the street and if I'm not mistaken she even went as far as making out with vampirella, Madonna! She's said some stupid stuff, walked barefoot in gas station bathrooms, birthed two human beings and married two idiot beings.

But in the end...she's britney bitch. We love her and always will. She will always come back hotter, stronger and better than before.

And that my friends is why Britney Spears is dude(ette) of the muthafuckin week.


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