Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love this bitch no matter what!

I have loved Kirstie Alley forever. She was beautiful back in the day and she's beautiful now. I always admired her for having a public battle with her weight and adored Fat Actress!

when I heard she had signed with Jenny Craig my immediate response was "thats not gonna work". Why? Because Jenny Craig Doesn't Work. It's a system to drain you of money so you have none in which to buy real food. As soon as you stop, you start eating bad food again.

When she started gaining the weight back I felt so bad for her. Valerie "you need to go away cause I don't even know who you are" B. didn't help much either, I'm sure.

But here is my question. Beth Ditto (again...I actually don't know who she is, just that she is obese beyond words) is being praised as a 'more to love' spokesperson.....why?
Why is her EXTREMELY unhealthy body being glamorized while people like Oprah, Kirstie, Delta, Jen Love and Lisa Marie are ostracized over their weight flux? Its completely unfair.

I really do hope that someday Kirstie is healthy and confident once again. After reading her AMAZING book, "How to lose your ass and regain your life", it's evident that her weight gain has really troubled her. Her early drug use and inability to find long term romance was clearly a factor in her first extreme weight gain. I hope she realizes (and can maybe profit from) the supreme support she still has out there by women of all shapes and sizes!


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