Sunday, April 26, 2009

I knew she looked bloated Friday!

haha jk, that was just one of the MANY hilarious girls dressed as "britney"

I will say, those stupid stockings to have a tiny strip of cotton for the crotch and they always get weird and ripped and look like tampons or pads if you dance in them time and time again...

But that's her fucking tampon, no doubt about it. AT LEAST IT'S NOT AN OVERNIGHT PAD OK? I feel bad for this bitch. Hair's falling out, tamps are always cut the string when you want to be a ho bag on yo rag, girl!

ps a few photos from my night with Brit Brit




Anonymous said...

Does she not have peeps who just check her $hit before she goes out? She should hire somebody. I'll do it, I won't even charge that much-- 6 figures oughta do it.

dani said...

britney and I are on the rag at the same time?!

Anonymous said...

I know, don't we all feel special and more glamorous knowing that we are all bleeding pretty much at the same time. I know I do!

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