Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey its Humpty! Early I know...

*oh mah gawd its young 2pac, twofer!

I was listening to the local "music you grew up with it" station 99.3 jamz. Funnily enough this station only plays songs from around 1980 to about 1999 but is considered an oldies station.

Anyway they have been playing Digital Underground a lot. My only real memories is of watching "The Humpty Dance" video trying to figure out what was so very wrong with that mans nose.....

anyway I decided to take a gander at our lovely ShockG aka Humpty and to my surprise...

*look at the salt and pepper dreads! yeah!

he looks hot!! at 45 he's pretty much done everything one could set out to do and he's still chill! I always enjoy a musician who's also a college grad and a Renaissance man! anyway I know its early but lets give a big hand to the Dude of the Week, Mr. ShockG!


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