Saturday, April 25, 2009

Give me one reason not to kick your fucking ass...

Nothing like getting heckled at a Britney show right? Especially by a bald guy with a wedding ring TAN. Yep we all know what that means..the big D, that's what it means. He was probably drunk so I forgive him for calling me Tracy Chapman (I'm guessing because of my locs)....not a lot cause he was fucking ugly and bitter but at least I knew who Tracy was (no one else did) and understood his extremely racist joke. But I did slip a very cute 'tender my numba. All in a days work for the Dahlia!

Britney did great considering she dances for probably 20 minutes the entire show. I don't know who decided she should wear stilettos the entire show but its obvious she cant dance in them. the pole dancing also got a bit old. We wished for more songs from her ENTIRE career but as a fan of Blackout, I was given my moneys worth....I guess.

Who am I kidding, I made profit by selling one of my tickets months ago. I gots mine.


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