Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Even Joan C spent more time with her kids

and I'm being totally serial guys. If this is their weekly rutine give or take a walk in NYC to make sure the photogs love her....there is no doubt in my mind that her children are simply publicity tools.

Taken from Perez because his rose tinted take at the end makes normal people want to vomit:

Madonna's former chef, Eric Ienco, is speaking out against the Material Mom basically saying she cares more about herself than her kids.

Bad timing!

This "revelation" comes out as Madge is appealing her denial of adopting little Mercy James from Malawi.

Didn't her chef have to sign some sort of confidentiality agreement when he got hired?????

Either way, Ienco is speaking out, and according to him, Madge hardly spends any time with her three kids, maybe just about 30 minutes a day.

He adds, "That's why it's a puzzle she wants to adopt again. She's hardly ever with her children. She's got two full-time nannies and one part-time nanny. So why adopt a kid if somebody else is raising them?"

So just what does Madge do all day that's got her so busy ignoring her kids?

According to Ienco:

"She gets up and has a coffee, then she does two hours of yoga. Then there's two hours of Pilates and exercise. That's six days a week. After that, she deals with her e-mail, her calls and the rest of her business. And after that, she spends maybe half an hour with the kids. If Lourdes comes in and says, 'I want to see Mom,' she is told, 'She's doing yoga' - and Lourdes knows she can't disturb Mom. Madonna puts herself before her kids. When she adopted little David, he arrived at her home from Africa - and three hours later, she left to do Pilates. Wouldn't you think she'd want to spend the entire day with her new son?"


We want that chef to take a lie detector test - and now!

We just can't believe that about Madonna.

Now I've been saying this for a while. She has too many nanny's to want to have another child. She works out non stop (obviously) and that takes hours a day. Even though her kids SHOULD be learning things either in school or from a tutor during the day...they should still be allowed to see their mother whenever they please. 2 hours of yoga...ok...why can't your daughter join? why can't they all be fit and healthy tooooogetttthhhherrrr? And while we're on the subject, why the fuck would anyone spend 2 hours doing yoga and 2 hours doing pilates when they are essentially working the same muscles over again. Thats why your body is so messed up Madge...you over work your muscles and probably burn way way way more calories than you should.

Either way not only did Joan Crawford the proclaimed "worst mother ever" by lots of people who know nothing about her, spend considerably more time with her snot nose adopted children...but even Ms. Courtney Love enjoys hanging out with her daughter. Laurdes run to Courtney's house girl! Hang out with Frances Bean and have some fun before your mom sucks you dry!



Anonymous said...

ugh she has nicer arms than me. i need a nanny

baldouting.blogspot.com said...

ahhh she looks so so so scary!

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