Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You know I was just joking about this

D-BOX Technologies are testing their new seats in the Mann’s Chinese 6 in Los Angeles and UltraStar Cinemas in Arizona.

"Unlike theme park rides, D-BOX offers theatergoers an unparalleled realistic experience where they are immersed in the film, experiencing every jolt, wave, breeze and explosion.

Now literally a week ago I was with some friends and I made the realization (late if it may be) that whenever there has been financial hardship, there are 3D movies that are kind of lame and get a lot of hype every time. I suggested to them "I'd pay more if it were like Disneyland". I kid you not!

I still will only be seeing my general 3 movies a year because frankly theaters don't keep their places figure or wallet friendly and the cleanliness is less than desirable. But I'd definitely be a sucker and shell out some dough to get spritz in the face with some water in a movie theater of my convenience!


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