Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When does she ever sing live?

Local radio stations are having people complain that B. Spears concert just isn't up to the hype. Most are upset that Ms. Spears doesn't sing even 1 of her 20 songs live.

now I'm not to phased by that.

They are also saying Spears doesn't really interact with the crowd.

again...not phased.

From all the videos and personal experiences I've heard about...she never does either of those two things!

She is simply a performer guys. Maybe I'm just not all that upset, because I didnt pay an ass load (which means anything over 60 bucks) for a ticket! They have monitors people! you aren't gonna be on stage with her, and you know you're gonna end up looking at the jumbo tron so you might as well save a few bucks and get balcony seating! This is supposed to be a huge event, why would you want to be up close and miss out on the two stages of amazingness she has going on? She is simply a guest star in my opinion. I guess because I'm expecting it to be like that, I wont be as disappointed as the shlupy critics who are front row.

anyway I don't want to see britney sing live cause in all honesty its never on key. I'm going for the dancing and it better be top drawer....

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