Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Took long enough

You know we really dont have enough black burlesque entertainers. Indeed we really dont have many true entertainers that are black. That's why I'm VERY proud to share Mel B's new photos. The former Spice Girl is headlining a new burlesque show in Vegas soon.

Here are some of the amazing photographs that have a little bit of George Hurrel, a photographer I greatly admire for capturing the beauty of many many Hollywood gems mixed with some modern David LaChapelle.

Fantastic, good work Mel!

PS some are saying that the pictures look unnatural and uncomfortable. While they definitely were her first in this arena...I think the stiff poses work for her. It's pin up quality, not so much "shes having sex during this shoot and contorting her body and I feel really weird looking at this picture". Clean. Simple. Glamorous.


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