Sunday, March 22, 2009

Say it aint so Sonny!

I don't know how I stumbled on to it, but apparently last year a new conspiracy story surfaced involving Sonny Bono. My morning has since consisted of getting as much info as possible because I love sonny and cher!

anyway according to retired a FBI agent, there are secret documents including Sonny's autopsy report that blatantly rule out accidental death.

For those who don't remember, Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident clouded in mystery similar to Natasha Richardson. Sonny was found unconscious next to a large tree in the mountains of California during ski season in 1998. The immediate cause of death was accident and most simply accepted that.

Unfortunately that may no be the case anymore. According to this FBI agent, Bono had a number of injuries consistent with a beating than a mere collision with a tree. One that makes sense to me especially is the fact that his brain was not damage IN THE BACK. this is the most common injury to those who have a cranial collision with solid object such as a tree or pole. His hands and arms were also not injured, something I know by experience occurs when you hit a tree going down a hill (lets just say I had my own incident while sledding.....)

The conspiracy doesn't end there! There are also theories that point to assassination, not just an attack on the singer/politician. Apparently he was about to uncover a MAJOR drug and arms ring being operated in south america! He was said to be making it his top priority for the rest of his time in office as senator to bring these peeps DOWN. Just a little over a week after saying this, the man was found dead, his face almost irrecognizable due to the injuries he received....

oh and his wife at the time (mary...) blamed him for the accident saying he was on drugs. funny thing is he didnt have anything in his system that would make him think a Tree was a good destination for him and his skis....

I hope that soon a new investigation is opened on this. Not just because I find Sonny (as well as Cher) fascinating to learn about, but because death cover ups are so 90's!

I mean where the fuck is Al Capone. We seriously haven't found out what happened to him?! and Amelia Earhart, gimme a break!

PS these pictures were too cute and/or hot to pass up. Sonny wasn't always that thing with a mustache, he used to be quite a looker!


UPDATE: Apologies for all the typos that are now resolved! Typing with an improperly lit keyboard and no sleep is the #1 cause of typos. I've known this for years and continue to do it.

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