Saturday, March 28, 2009

Radio always makes me mad

Is that the point? morning radio always puts me in a rage. Why Delila doesnt do a morning program, I'll never know. I'd love to wake up to her voice instead of misogynistic crap.

Listening to 98.5 The Beat every morning in az is painful. Theres 2 guys that I still don't know the names of, and this girl that makes me embarrassed to have a vag. Today they were talking about how during such difficult times, women have it easier in the world. The male argument mentioned things like "oh can always fall back on stripping" or "you guys get free drinks and men shell out cash for women all the time"

I tried calling in and gave up after they hung up on me twice before even answer the line. (remember when it was easy to get on the radio? super snake always let me talk on power 92!) But heres what I was going to say on air:

"The problem with this argument is that respectable women don't have it any easier than anyone else in the world. I myself don't depend on men to buy my food and drinks. While its gentleman like to do so for a respectable lady...its certainly not expected. I bring my wallet stacked with cash when I go out with men because you can never depend on them! If you're going to the clubs and stuff with the sole purpose of getting free make me embarrassed.

Mens jobs pay more than womens jobs. Mens jobs tend to be more basic and essential. auto repair, factory work, electronic work etc are all male dominated industries that are booming. There is still a glass cieling, people just acknowledge it and move on now. "

And may I add...we have some of the sorriest looking men out and about right now. All the hotties are off in Iraq eroding their psychological stability fighting in a thoughtless war. That means us ladies are all settling for whatever we can find. I know I've settled a lot in my dating history simply because I'm taking whats available. Thats one thing men cant complain about.

Ever wonder why all the hot girls have gotten fat? We've fuckin given up.


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