Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Jimmy's

Anyone else notice we've now got two Late Night Jimmy's?

Jimmy Fallon has taken over Conan's show and is slowly become a cute little fav of mine. Sure he's nervous as fuck but don't you think Leno was too?! Plus Fallon has always been a jittery fool, its part of his appeal to those out there that don't do public speaking without laughing and giggling at their own dialogue.

Last night Jimmy welcomed Tina Fey and it was just hilarious. I'd forgotten just how long Tina and Jimmy hosted the hilarious Weekend Update. I hope she and the rest of the last funny cast of SNL (lets be real, the last funny full cast was like in 2000) make appearances in order to support Fallon.

And I hope people start watching the new Late Night show. Change is hard, I know...but this could potentially be the late show my children watch. eeep


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